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Which Sidekick Do You Need?

Sep 2021
min Read

You are a super-parent! Conquering daily challenges, raising your beautiful families. Entertaining your little one for 2 hours off-screen? Getting them to bed without a tantrum? Having them try new foods and flavours? That's all hero-work, just to name a few.

Every superhero has a sidekick that helps them achieve their missions, providing support, guidance and motivation. They have their superheroes' back!

Meet our 3 sidekicks and find out which one you need today.

Three SAMA Sidekicks ask "Which Sidekick do you need?"

SAMA is reading the book with glasses on

The Guru

Looking for inspiration can be overwhelming when you're not sure where to start nor how to vet your kids' activities. Information comes from everywhere: the internet, family, friends... and with no curated help, it can get confusing.

The inspirational guru will curate personalized recommendations on your behalf. This sidekick will spark new ideas catering for your family's needs, and get you excited about the next activity!

SAMA with pom poms cheering

The Listener

Putting things into perspective in the midst of it all can get quite tricky. There are tough days, and you'll feel like you're falling short.

The thoughtful listener will be here when you're down or burned out - without judgment. You deserve time to recharge and reconnect with yourself. This sidekick is here to help you lift away the heavy things and remind you about your awesome self, as you do your best for your family.

SAMA is working on laptop with her headphone and speaker

The Go-Getter

Structuring and organizing your schedules can be intense, increasing your mental load - especially when you have a lot on your plate.

The pragmatic go-getter will give you a hand and share the load - Yes! Fewer never-ending task lists! You might struggle to find the way to plan it all for yourself and your family. Rest assured, with the go-getter, you'll bring your ideas to life and gain more quality time.

Change is constant. Your needs may vary and your challenges will differ. Whichever sidekick you need today will help ease your current missions. The Guru, The Listener and The Go-Getter are here for you and just a zap away! So, which sidekick do you need today?