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Let's Make Bird Feeders

Today we celebrate Love. ❤️ While drained, we still look for ways to bond. Here’s our recommended family activity for the week: It is fun, easy, and all about nurture & connection. 🐦🥨🌳❤️

Feb 2022
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Material List


  1. Lay the cookie cutters on a baking sheet and lightly grease them
  2. Dissolve 1 packet of unflavoured gelatine in roughly 60ml of boiling water and stir while simmering
  3. Let it cool down for a minute and then add the birdseed: roughly 230ml
  4. Stir together with your child (or let them take over, if they wish!) and spoon the mix into the cookie cutters
  5. Place a piece of straw in birdseed to leave a hole for hanging the bird feeder
  6. Allow mixture to harden and then remove from cookie cutter. You can also place it in the freezer for about an hour to speed things up
  7. Add a piece of twine for hanging
  8. Take the bird feeders to your nearest park and hang on a tree as a special treat for the birds!

Tip: These bird feeders also make great gifts for your loved ones!