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Introducing SAMA: Enabling Independent Play

SAMA is our mascot, our engine, our backbone.

Oct 2022
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SAMA means lots of things around the world - ‘sky’ in Arabic, ‘listening’ in Turkish, ‘respect’ in Japanese, ‘equal’ in Finnish - and she means one big thing to us.

SAMA is our mascot, our engine, our backbone. She accompanies parents through those crucial early years. Her mission is to empower families through independent play: More independent children + more recharged parents = happier, more balanced families.

SAMA helps you uncover win-win situations for your family by creating a safe playful environment that nurtures healthy independence. But what does that entail? It entails receiving tools, tips, and monthly fun simple-setup activities so that you can find more space in your day while your child builds their confidence, imagination, and problem-solving.

SAMA curates every activity for your little one based on interests, seasonality and the latest trends. There is no contract, and you can skip months or cancel easily at any time. We’ll be launching our beta version very soon, so sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive early bird offers and be the first to know when we go live!

Click here to find out more about SAMA and her Neighbourhood.